Banning Critical Race Theory Isn't Enough

Dobson Policy Center

Idaho was the first of nine states to pass an anti-CRT (Critical Race Theory) law in order to protect students in the classroom. 

Unfortunately, some parents are saying it doesn't seem to be making much of a difference.

Kristen Young, a parent in an Idaho school district, believes that teachers are working around the law. "In any way that they can get it in there, they get it in there, by using words like equity, teaching about white supremacy," she said.

Others believe the laws are making a difference. Christopher F. Rufo, a journalist and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, believes the laws, combined with more parent knowledge and involvement, are leading to progress. "Schools, and especially teachers are being much more careful," said Rufo. "They're restricting some of the more egregious lessons because they know it's now illegal."

One thing is for certain: the battle over CRT is just beginning. More states are looking into banning CRT in the classroom, while the ACLU is considering filing a lawsuit against at least one state that has taken action against CRT. Parents—you must get involved! If you don't know about CRT, it's time to educate yourself. Start with Dr. James Dobson's newsletter on the subject. Next, learn what your children's school is teaching and take action. If they are focusing on education, applaud and support their efforts. If they are choosing indoctrination, stand up in opposition. This is a battle we can't afford to lose!

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