The Campaign to Normalize Abortion Continues

Dobson Policy Center

Abortion activists are demanding that television shows and movies show more abortions. Why?

According to, the abortion lobby is determined to convince Americans that the barbaric procedure is "normal, boring health care."

The reality is far more sinister. Abortion destroys the life of a precious innocent child. And so many other lives are forever altered. The unborn baby's mother and father, the would-be adoptive parents, grandparents, the brothers and sisters, and the classmates, friends, teachers, and co-workers… all of whom miss the chance to know and love the one person who might impact their lives like no one else could.

There is nothing normal about abortion. And it most certainly isn't healthcare. The lies about abortion are beginning to be exposed, but we must now, more than ever, replace those lies with truth. You can become a voice for life by offering love and support for single moms, helping with funding or volunteering at local pregnancy centers, and demonstrating in word and deed that every human life is precious in the sight of God.

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