Canada Embracing Euthanasia … Is The U.S. Next?

Dobson Policy Center

It's estimated that more than 24,000 individuals have been euthanized in Canada within the past five years. And America has already begun to embrace so-called "mercy" killing. What's next?

Like abortion, euthanasia targets the vulnerable. It begins as an option for the sick, the elderly, or the mentally ill to end their lives, often assisted by the medical professionals sworn to protect them.

But when does this "right" become an obligation? Less than 10 states currently allow assisted suicide in the U.S., but what's happening in Canada gives us an indication of what is to come. reports that when assisted death was legalized in Canada, proponents said it would be used as a "last resort." Now, with an estimated 24,000 people killed, we know better. This shouldn't come as a surprise; the University of Calgary in Canada previously publicized the financial benefits of euthanasia, concluding that Canada's health system could "cut costs of up to 139 million every year" once euthanasia reached a certain level.

In other words, physician-assisted suicide prevents its victims from being a "burden" on family or other caregivers, and it saves us all a lot of money. Viewed this way, it won't be long before the right to die becomes a duty to die.

It's time to contact your representatives and demand that they stand against efforts to promote a "duty to die" in America.

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