Children are Being Fed Oversexualized Content by the Media

Dobson Policy Center

Should elementary-school children be exposed to sexually explicit imagery?

Some in the media think so. Federalist Senior Editor Christopher Bedford recently blasted left-wing media outlets for supporting "pornography literacy."

"The Chicago schools [said] that in order to fight racism this week, they'll be handing out free condoms to fifth graders. There's a whole thing that's going on in this country, and there are people calling it uplifting and gender-positive and sex-positive. … but normal people would call this grooming. It's child predatory behavior. Children shouldn't be exposed to kink."

We are in the midst of a sexual de-volution. As Christians, we need to respond with the truth from Scripture. Parents have a responsibility to teach their children to respect themselves and others, even as our culture urges the opposite approach.

Your children need you more than ever. Are you up to the task?

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