DOJ Weaponizes the FBI Against Concerned Parents

Dobson Policy Center

As schools increasingly move from education to indoctrination, concerned parents are speaking up. 

This opposition has apparently upset the Biden administration, and now Attorney General Merrick Garland has, outrageously, empowered the FBI to target these parents. 

In a vague statement citing "harassment, intimidation and threats of violence against school board members, teachers and workers in our nation's public schools," AG Garland directed the FBI and U.S. Attorneys' Offices to "discuss strategies."

Some fear those "strategies" will allow the FBI to target parents or charge them with a crime "for simply exercising First Amendment rights."

Elana Fishbein, a Pennsylvania mother and vocal opponent of the broken education system, didn't mince words when describing the Biden administration's efforts. "That is one of the biggest weapons is the weapon of terrorists to intimidate the opposition so there will not be any opposition," she said. Fishbein continued, "This is indeed appalling, outrageous, insane that the DOJ is weaponizing the FBI to oppose the policies and actions of [critics of] the school board. This is something that should be very worrisome to every single parent in our country."

Parents have the ultimate responsibility for their children's education. Do you know what your kids are learning and reading? Take the necessary steps to find out! And if you don't approve of what you find…speak out!

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