Dr. Dobson Calls for Support of Governor Little in His Effort to Prohibit Boys From Competing in Girls' Sports

Dr. James Dobson

April 17, 2020 — Idaho recently passed a commonsense law preventing boys from participating in girls' sports, and I commend them for taking this necessary action. Yet the ACLU believes otherwise and has filed a lawsuit demanding that boys be given the unquestioned right to compete against girls. This is absolutely absurd!

There was a time—quite recently—when such a law would not only have been unnecessary, it would have been nonsensical and unethical. Unfortunately, that time is passed. Scientific studies have proven that men have biologically-conferred advantages over women in speed and strength. Allowing both boys and men to wield those advantages in women's sports only hurts women and deprives them of equal opportunities in athletics. It truly is a travesty that we're even having this debate.

I want to extend my gratitude to the Idaho legislature for passing this necessary protection for girls and women, and Governor Little for signing the bill into law. Please join us in contacting the Governor's office today to thank him and encourage him to stand strong in the midst of this vicious attack. God help our daughters and us if we don't make our voices heard now.


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