Dr. James Dobson Decries California Bill That Would Fund Gender Mutilation and Sterilization

Dr. James Dobson


August 18, 2020 — "A California Senate committee voted 7-1 last week to approve a horrendous bill that creates a 'Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund,' which would be used to fund treatments that would include cross-sex hormone 'therapy' and gender 'reassignment' surgery.

"For the sake of these children and adults who are being victimized by our culture's distorted sexual devolution, I'll say exactly what this bill supports: gender mutilation and sterilization. Proponents of this bill will deny the truth—in fact, they already have. They insist that since the bill doesn't use the word 'sterilization,' there is no harm and no foul.

"Rubbish! These clinics use puberty blockers on pre-pubescent children in order to prevent them from experiencing puberty. If a child doesn't go through puberty, he or she will likely be sterile for life, a medical fact that many gender clinics expressly admit.

"Children aren't the only victims of such a bill. No rational and compassionate individual could possibly celebrate the mutilation of adolescents or adults. And yet this bill would fund procedures including double mastectomies on adolescent girls and genital amputations and reconstructive procedures for individuals older than 18. This isn't the fulfillment of personal autonomy—this is the celebration of acts of cruelty.

"You don't need a medical degree to recognize that experimenting on vulnerable children and adults is not just unethical; it is morally repugnant. It is beyond reprehensible that our government officials would actually set aside money to fund this evil assault on children and adults who are made in the image of Almighty God. These hurting individuals need our compassion and care—not a cocktail of drugs and disfiguring surgeries that could well cause irreversible harm to their bodies. Many of these boys and girls are still in grade school!

"This bill will likely go before the full California Senate sometime this month. I implore you to let your voice be heard. Whether you live in California or not, contact every state senator you can and demand that they put a stop to this despicable bill."


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