Dr. James Dobson Praises the Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court

Dr. James Dobson

October 27, 2020 — Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed as the newest associate justice to the U.S. Supreme Court. That is good news for the American people and for our constitutional republic!

When she was nominated, Judge Barrett was known to be highly intelligent, credentialed and competent. Now, at the end of the confirmation process, we have seen that she is composed and confident. Judge Barrett is also a deeply committed woman of faith. We believe these characteristics will serve her well on America's highest Court.

We are grateful to President Trump for his leadership in nominating Amy Barrett to the Court, and for Republican members of the U.S. Senate who exercised their constitutional duty to fill a vacancy on the Court. Some of these leaders, notably speaker Mitch McConnell and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), are receiving heavy criticism for their actions. We hope they will also receive widespread appreciation for a job well done.

Now it is time to move on to the other pressing matters before us. Just days from now, "We, the People" will set the course for our nation. Our decisions will impact not only the Oval Office, but the halls of Congress and courtrooms across America. It is a weighty responsibility, but I implore every citizen to vote his or her conscience on this critically important election.

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