Prominent Medical Journal Apologies for Dehumanizing Women

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On the cover of its September 25 edition, British medical journal The Lancet labeled women "bodies with vaginas."

The apology wasn't much better than the headline.

Lancet's front cover read: "Historically, the anatomy and physiology of bodies with vaginas have been neglected." 


After an outcry, the journal's editor-in-chief, Richard Horton, issued an apology, explaining that the title was used in an effort to include all individuals "who have experienced menstruation." 

In other words, women?

Apparently not, as Horton went on to reference "non-binary, trans, and intersex" individuals.

If you needed any more proof of the fact that medical professionals have joined the chorus of voices proudly proclaiming the new "orthodoxy" of human sexuality, look no further. God created men and women (Gen. 1:17), but our society has exchanged binary reality for subjective "identity," one in which basic biological facts about our bodies are ignored in favor of self-determination. Not only is this illogical, it is wholly unscientific. But even more, it is wholescale rebellion against our Creator's design.

Horton claimed that the journal did not intend for women to feel "dehumanized and marginalized." But once again, desire can't overrule reality. Not only did The Lancet dehumanize women, it metaphorically dethroned God.

Our society may be unwilling to acknowledge God's sovereignty and His design, but you and I still can! Let's commit to teach our children the truth, even if everyone around us is proclaiming a lie. We must stand against this lunacy. The Lord created us in His image, as male and female (Genesis 1:27). Society won't teach your children about God's design, so you must! You can begin by downloading our free e-book, "Are Boys and Girls Really That Different?"

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