Same-Sex Marriage Now Has Majority Support Among Democrats and Republicans

Dobson Policy Center

For years, our culture has proclaimed that marriage between one man and one woman is a relic of the past, and that its supporters are hanging on to an antiquated and bigoted ideal. They've been very effective in promulgating this message…recent polling shows that a majority of all partisan groups — Democrats, Republicans, and independents — now support same-sex marriage.

For several years, a majority of Democrats and independents have supported same-sex marriage. Now, it's shocking to know that a majority of Republicans have joined them, with 51 percent approving same-sex marriage.

Why does it matter?

Consider the simple fact that marriage serves as the very foundation for life and society. Everything of value rests on the family and, as Dr. James Dobson has written, "If that ground floor is weakened or undermined, the entire superstructure of civil society will come crashing down."

Same-sex marriage is just one of many attacks on the family. And until Christians boldly live out — and defend — God's design for marriage, the attacks will continue.

Recently, Dr. Dobson offered a tribute to the late international evangelist Luis Palau, and shared a past interview with him, during which they discussed the biblical concept of the family. If you haven't yet listened to this broadcast, you can hear it today!

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