School Board Boots Parent Who Reads from Sexually Explicit Book Found in the High School Library

Dobson Policy Center

Public schools are increasingly under fire for exposing students to sexually explicit materials. 

If recent events are any indication, some school officials don't seem to mind exposing kids to smut until that same content is presented to them.

A concerned citizen, Jacob Engels, attended a recent school board meeting in Florida, bringing with him a copy of Gender Queer: A Memoir. Engels began to read from the book, which contained graphic depictions of sexual acts. The chair of the school board responded by ordering police officers to remove Engels from the building!

Thankfully, Engels' actions seem to have made an impact. The school board subsequently issued a statement claiming that all copies of the book have now been removed from library shelves and that the book is "under review." But how did such outrageous materials make it into a school library to begin with? 

Parents may be waking up to the indoctrination in schools, but the radical Left has a significant head start. Turning our education system around won't happen in a day, but it must happen if we have any hope to reverse this nation's ongoing collapse into depravity.

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