Senator Says Critical Race Theory "Weaponizes" Diversity

Dobson Policy Center

Some states are using COVID-19 relief funds to advance programs such as Critical Race Theory (CRT) in public schools.

Utah Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) condemned this development as "bad for America," saying CRT "weaponizes" diversity.

In an interview on Fox News, Senator Lee asserted that "K-12 schools really are creatures of state and local governments, not the federal government. We certainly shouldn't be stepping in with Critical Race Theory. Look, we should be celebrating diversity. Critical Race Theory doesn't celebrate diversity. It weaponizes it. That's bad for America, and it doesn't help heal the wounds that need to be healed."

Senator Lee is right. As we've shared before, CRT is an insidious effort to divide Americans, rather than unite us based on our shared belief in the American dream: that all men are created equal.

If you haven't read Christopher Rufo's excellent piece on the subject, please do so today. And then, contact your representatives and encourage them to support initiatives that bring Americans together, rather than tearing us apart.

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