Texas Acts to Protect Minors from Sex-Change Child Abuse

Dobson Policy Center

The far-Left continues to promote "gender transition" among even young children, but it is facing opposition from increasing numbers of individuals and government officials who are unwilling to let this abuse continue.

Texas is the latest to take a stand. Earlier this month, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) issued a letter to the Governor, declaring that "genital mutilation of a child for purposes of gender transitioning through reassignment surgery constitutes child abuse." 

In the letter, DFPS Commissioner Jaime Masters also wrote:

Genital mutilation of a child through reassignment surgery is child abuse. This surgical procedure physically alters a child's genitalia for non-medical purposes potentially inflicting irreversible harm to children's bodies. Generally, children in the care and custody of a parent lack the legal capacity to consent to surgical treatments, making them more vulnerable.

The letter further instructed medical professionals, teachers, and other state officials to report any such abuse or else face a Class A misdemeanor.

If our federal government won't protect children, then state officials must do so. Contact your representatives today and demand that they act to protect kids from this dangerous and evil agenda.

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