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Christian Resistance: Learning to Defy the World and Follow Jesus - Part 2

Guest: James Spencer, Ph.D.

Victor and Eileen Marx

Host: Dr. James Dobson

February 01, 2020

During His earthly ministry, Jesus challenged His disciples to purposely find and help those in need. On this Family Talk broadcast, humanitarians Victor and Eileen Marx explain why that statute still applies to believers today. They talk to Dr. Dobson about their spiritual journeys and backgrounds, and then describe their passion for philanthropic work around the world.

Meet the Guest


Victor and Eileen Marx

Severely abused and tortured as a child, Victor managed to graduate high school, but his life was filled with drugs, fights and theft. He sought the discipline of military life, and served in the Marines as a weapons instructor and expert competitive shooter for 3 years. He eventually found faith in God, which helped him recover from his traumatic childhood, and today empowers him to help others. Victor is a 7th degree black belt and has developed and established many karate studios. He has trained many groups of individuals including: Law enforcement officers, CIA, Navy Seals, Marines Recon Rangers, NFL players, and special military personnel from the Army’s Delta Force.He and his wife Eileen have been married for 30 years and together they authored The Victor Marx Story and produced a film by the same title, as well as Triggered and Triggered Too. They founded All Things Possible, a non-profit organization.They are humanitarians with successful missions to Iraq, Syria, North Africa, and Southeast Asia where they’ve help orphans and widows in non-permissive and high threat environments.Victor and Eileen focus their ministry on those traumatically affected by ISIS, troubled juvenile offenders, and military personnel from all branches, including the special operations community. They have 5 children and 1 grandchild.