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Mark Mittelberg

Host: Dr. Tim Clinton

April 16, 2022

In Luke 15, Jesus says there is great rejoicing in Heaven over just one sinner who repents. Can you imagine the heavenly celebration if every believer shared their faith with one person who ultimately gave their life to the Lord? On today’s edition of Family Talk, Dr. Tim Clinton and author, evangelist, and noted apologetics scholar Mark Mittelberg continue discussing his new book, Contagious Faith: Discover Your Natural Style for Sharing Jesus with Others. Mittelberg illustrates the five evangelism styles he defined in his book, including friendship building, selfless serving, storytelling, reason giving, and truth telling. He notes that along with these styles, we have to be willing to speak hard truths.

Meet the Guest


Mark Mittelberg

Mark Mittelberg is a best-selling author, international speaker, and the executive director of The Lee Strobel Center for Evangelism and Applied Apologetics at Colorado Christian University. He is the author of several books including The Reason Why Faith Makes Sense, Becoming a Contagious Christian, Confident Faith and his latest book, Contagious Faith. Mark was the original evangelism director at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. He was also an editorial consultant and periodic guest for Lee Strobel’s television show, Faith Under Fire. Mark and his wife, Heidi, live near Denver, Colorado, and are the parents of Emma Jean and Matthew.

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