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Shiela Walsh

Host: Dr. Tim Clinton

January 04, 2020

Many times, believers accentuate their shortcomings, and overlook Gods potential in their lives. Dr. Tim Clinton sits down with speaker and best-selling author, Sheila Walsh. She opens up about her painful past which included an abusive father, feelings of worthlessness, and a mental breakdown.

Meet the Guest


Shiela Walsh

Sheila Walsh was born in a small fishing town in Scotland and was raised by Christian parents. Sheilas life flipped upside down after her dad experienced a cerebral hemorrhage, which led to abusive behavior and a mental collapse that tragically ended with his suicide. While working for the 700 Club, Sheila experienced her own mental breakdown. After receiving help, she has become a courageous voice all over the world, brining hope to those struggling with mental illness. Sheila is an author, speaker and bible teacher. She’s the co-host of a television program called Life Today. Sheila resides in Texas with her husband Barry, son Christian, and two dogs.

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