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Dr. Paul C. Reisser, Dr. Bob Mann, and Dr. Mary Anne Nelson

Host: Dr. James Dobson

October 29, 2022

Parents, when your child enters the toddler stage, brace yourself for the “first adolescence!” Just like a teenager desires increasing independence, your toddler will too. On today’s classic edition of Family Talk, Dr. James Dobson interviews a panel of doctors who insist that Mom and Dad must lovingly let their toddler know that they are in charge. Listen to a valuable dose of encouragement and insight, and learn how to win the battle over bedtime and mealtime, the best toys for any age range, and the optimum number of hours of sleep a toddler needs per day.

Meet the Guest


Dr. Paul C. Reisser, Dr. Bob Mann, and Dr. Mary Anne Nelson

Dr. Paul C. Reisser is a retired family practitioner. He served as lead author of the Complete Guide to Family Health, Nutrition, and Fitness, and the best-selling Complete Guide to Baby and Child Care. Dr. Reisser and his wife have two grown children, two grandchildren, and reside in Southern California.  

Dr. Bob Mann specializes in pediatrics. He currently serves as the senior physician at Cook Children's Hospital in Mansfield, Texas. During his career, Dr. Mann has served on numerous boards, including Citizens Advisory Board, Fort Worth Opera and the Arlington Civic Chorus. He has been vice president of the Texas Baptist Men, and has served with them on medical missions to the Ukraine and Turkey, and has also provided refugee care in Northern Iraq and Kosovo/Albania. He is the founding board member of Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex, where a medical clinic was named in his honor. Dr. Mann also served for 25 years on the Physicians Resource Council at Focus on the Family, including four years as chair.   

Dr. Mary Anne Nelson is a family medicine specialist based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She graduated from Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine at the University of Iowa in 1976. Dr. Nelson is affiliated with Mercy Medical Center and St. Luke’s Hospital.

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