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Toni McFadden

Host: Dr. Tim Clinton

July 09, 2022

Did you know that African Americans comprise only 12% of the American population, but black women account for 40% of all abortions in the United States? The number one killer in the black community is not police brutality, drugs, or black-on-black crime. It’s the intentional killing of a human life inside the womb. On today’s edition of Family Talk, Toni McFadden explains that she aborted her baby when she was 18, scared and alone because she believed the abortion industry’s lies. After turning to Christ in college, she committed to chastity until marriage. Today, Toni and her husband, who was the father of her aborted baby and came back into her life years later, have four beautiful children. She now serves as a compassionate and bold voice for the voiceless.

Meet the Guest


Toni McFadden

Toni McFadden is a pro-life advocate, speaker and founder of Relationships Matter, a non-profit program which educates teens on the degradation of sex in our culture while equipping them to engage in healthy relationships. A graduate of West Chester University, Toni earned her master’s degree in professional counseling from Clark's Summit University. Toni knows the power of overcoming her own past and establishing a new foundation for herself. She does so, in part, by sharing her powerful testimony of having had an abortion, as told in her book, Redeemed: My Journey After Abortion. Toni is happily married and has four beautiful children.

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