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October 22, 2021

Americans Want Smaller Government

When President Joe Biden took office in January, he wasted no time passing a flurry of executive orders. Not only has the Biden administration worked tirelessly to roll back the policies of the Trump administration, it has demonstrated a commitment to an all-powerful government that is intimately involved in all aspects of our lives.

A recent poll by Gallup demonstrates that this is not what "We the People" want. At least 50% of Americans prefer lower taxes and fewer government services, compared to only 19% who want more. Moreover, 54% of Americans believe the federal government has too much power.

Gallup summarized the results by stating "More Americans typically prefer a limited government role to an active one, think there is too much rather than too little regulation of business and believe the government is too powerful."

This continues a longstanding trend. Gallup reports that "At least half of Americans since 2005 have said that the government has too much power."

What can we do about it?

First, remember that the 2022 midterm elections are just around the corner. Personnel is policy; the candidates you elect will set the course for our nation, so make sure you are voting for individuals who recognize the limits of government and are willing to take action.

Second, don't just educate yourself. Help others in your community to understand the importance of voting. If we don't select our leaders, others who don't share our convictions will!
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March 04, 2024

NRB And Trump

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) 2024 convention in Nashville, Tennessee, was a great event. The JDFI team was there to tell over 1,500 attendees about the many new initiatives Dr. Dobson is launching in 2024. The enthusiasm level was gratifying as God continues to bless the ministry of Jim and Shirley Dobson.

March 01, 2024

Our Rights: From God or Government?

"… but the thing that unites them as Christian nationalists—not Christians by the way, because Christian nationalist is very different—is that they believe that our rights as Americans, as all human beings, don't come from any earthly authority, they don't come from Congress, they don't come from the Supreme Court; they come from God," Heidi Przybyla, MSNBC investigative reporter.

February 28, 2024

What Would the Presidents Say?

February is the month when two of our greatest presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, were born. Both of these great men loved America and loved God. I suppose they would be called "Christian Nationalists" today—and it would not be meant as a compliment. Here are just two quotes of what they thought about God and America.