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October 09, 2021

Killing Our Most Vulnerable

A world that can seek to justify the horror of abortion will not hesitate to excuse almost any depraved behavior.

Human life is either sacred, or it isn't.

Consider recent events in the Netherlands, where some are arguing that euthanasia should be expanded. After noting the incidents of Dutch people committing suicide "in the absence of a medical condition," researchers raise the question of "how to address the desire to die from people whose wish to intentionally end their own life is not rooted in a medical condition and therefore fall[s] outside the medical framework of assistance in dying."

Perhaps they are following the lead of Germany, whose high court has already fabricated a "fundamental constitutional right to suicide." The court held that "It is thus not incumbent upon the individual to further explain or justify their decision; rather their decision must, in principle, be respected by state and society as an act of self-determination."

In Belgium, medical professionals have begun killing children after birth, justifying this evil as an act of mercy for children who have "no hope of a bearable future." But who decides what is "unbearable"? Consider what occurs in the United Kingdom, where abortion is banned after 24 weeks unless the unborn child is believed to have Down syndrome, in which case abortion is permitted up to the moment of birth. Even though virtually all individuals with Down syndrome report happiness with their lives, the U.K. government seems to believe their existence constitutes an unbearable burden. 

These horrific acts aren't limited to other nations. Already, multiple states in the U.S. have legalized euthanasia. Other states allow abortion until birth. Still, others allow babies born alive after an attempted abortion to be left on a porcelain tray to die.

These helpless innocents cannot speak for themselves. We must cry out on their behalf (Proverbs 31:8), and we must take action! Every human life matters. It's time to act like it!

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