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August 17, 2021

Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Help Prevent Abortion

Most women don't want to have an abortion, even when facing an "unplanned pregnancy." But abortion mills such as Planned Parenthood present abortion as the only option.

Pro-life pregnancy centers exist to help women see and consider the other available choices, such as adoption or raising the child. And a new research document proves that providing these options works! In fact, when a pregnant woman who is considering abortion visits a pro-life pregnancy center, she is 20 percent less likely to choose an abortion. 

Building a pro-life culture takes more than an active (and necessary!) opposition to abortion. It also takes the active validation of the sanctity of every human life. If we demonstrate our conviction by helping expectant mothers in need—and supporting the pro-life pregnancy centers that serve them—maybe this next generation will finally be the one that says "no more" to the killing of innocents.

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