Bringing Up Boys

Bringing Up Boys (front cover)
Bringing Up Boys (back cover)


Finally! Sensible advice for parents raising boys, 

from America's trusted parenting expert, Dr. James Dobson. 


With so much confusion about the role of men in our society, it's no wonder parents have lots of questions. Our culture has vilified masculinity and, as a result, boys are suffering. In this updated and revised edition of Bringing Up Boys, Dr. Dobson tackles the questions that are on everyone's mind:

  •  Are boys fundamentally different from girls?
  •  What is a father's unique contribution to parenting a son? What about mom's role?
  •  What's the best way to educate boys?
  •  What are the effects of divorce on boys? 
  •  What causes homosexuality? 
  •  What should we be doing to shape the next generation of men?

This book offers sound advice and encouragement based on a firm foundation of biblical principles and is a must-read for parents of boys!


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