Bringing Up Boys

Bringing Up Boys (front cover)
Bringing Up Boys (back cover)


Finally! Sensible advice for parents raising boys, 

from America's trusted parenting expert, Dr. James Dobson. 


Do you know how to raise your son so he will grow into a God-honoring man? If you’re the parent of a boy, you know that this task is a lot harder in our hostile cultural environment. With fewer godly male role models in the home, boys are left to try to figure it out on their own. Many turn to the world, which now tries to neutralize the genders and force boys into ungodly roles. Others turn to gangs, or intense video games and other platforms of violence. Even healthy Christian homes struggle to raise boys in a way that honors God. As a result, we have a nation of adult males who never learned how to become men. Dr. James Dobson ends the confusion for parents in his best-selling book Bringing Up Boys. This is a resource that parents, teachers, social workers, and Christian leaders can rely on to help instruct boys in the path that leads to true biblical manhood.

This book offers sound advice and encouragement based on a firm foundation of biblical principles and is a must-read for parents of boys!


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