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Parenting Help and Advice from Dr. James Dobson


"Children are the true wealth of any nation, and in them lies the hope of the future."
–Dr. James Dobson



Let's be honest. Parenting can be tough!

Whether you just brought your first child home from the hospital or your teenagers are about to drive you insane, you recognize the need to prioritize a biblical approach to shepherding your kids. This 5-minute "10-Day Parenting Series" based on Dr. James and Shirley Dobson's best-selling Night Light for Parents was created just for you!

You'll find practical parenting advice and timeless Scriptural truths packed into five short paragraphs followed by three application questions and a prayer.

This series is perfect for today's busy parents who are devoted to being intentional with what matters most.




Children and Stress with Dr. Arch Hart

On this classic broadcast, Dr. Dobson talks with renowned author and psychologist, Dr. Arch Hart. They examine the pressure on our kids and identify the various physical, emotional, and mental indicators of anxiety.
Listen to Part 1 »

On this broadcast, Dr. Dobson and Dr. Arch Hart discuss how trauma, hostility, overstimulation, and drastic change can intensify a child's stress level.
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Avoid Over-Protection and Dependency - blog by Dr. James Dobson

Let's look at the threats to self-esteem that must come as your child matures. From about three years of age, your little pride and joy begins making his way into the world of other people. Continue reading »



The Fight for the Minds of Our Children with Cathe Laurie

Parents have been entrusted to develop a healthy and godly learning environment for their kids. But once their children leave the home, the classroom becomes a dangerous battlefield for their hearts and minds. On this broadcast, Dr. Dobson talks with Cathe Laurie, wife of Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship. Cathe shares how a graphic sex-education curriculum in California schools is negatively impacting families state-wide.
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Pornography is a Huge Threat to Boys - blog by Dr. James Dobson

I hope you will read very carefully what I am about to write now, because it explains why this matter is so significant. Porn and smut pose a great threat to your boys. A single exposure to it by some thirteen to fifteen-year-olds is all that is required to create an addiction that will hold them in bondage for a lifetime. It is more addictive than cocaine or heroine. That was one of the conclusions drawn during the Attorney General's Commission on Pornography, on which I served. Continue reading »



Is the Culture Raising Your Kids? - video by Dr. James Dobson


Dr. Dobson discusses the concept of "age-appropriateness" in regards to what our children are exposed to, and how parents need to screen cultural influences—from TV shows to music to popular fashion trends—to keep kids from growing up too soon.

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