Sanctity of Human Life

"Babies are creations of God who have eternal souls. I will be their advocate for the rest of my life."

–Dr. James Dobson

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Moral Issues Regarding Abortion by Dr. James Dobson

Question: Dr. Dobson, would you express your opinion on the matter of abortion on demand? How do you see the moral issues involved, especially from a Christian perspective?

Answer: I have considered the abortion issue from every vantage point and now I find myself absolutely and unequivocally opposed to "abortion on demand."

A Patient is a Person, No Matter How Small by Dr. William Lile

When does human life begin?

The simple questions in life are best answered with simple answers. Why would God send His Son to die for us? Answer: because He loves us. The simple questions in life are made complex by those who reject the simple, yet true, answers.

Do disabled children deserve a chance to live?

Medical professionals in Belgian don’t seem to think they do. A recent study found that an overwhelming majority of surveyed medical professionals in that country support abortion or even infanticide if a child has a serious but non-lethal disability. Is there any greater evil than this heartless targeting of innocents?

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John Bornschein: The Legacy of a Life Saved from Abortion

Dr. James Dobson celebrates the life of Pastor John Bornschein, as they reflect on his remarkable story of having nearly been aborted—but, by the grace of God, was spared when his troubled young mother had a change of heart.

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A Snowflake Named Hannah with Marlene, John, and Hannah Strege

The month of January highlights the truth that all human life is sacred. On this broadcast, Dr. Dobson talks with a family who have been advocating for the pro-life movement for over 20 years. John and Marlene Strege were the first couple to adopt a frozen embryo, a process now called 'snowflake adoption.' Hear their fascinating testimony and their daughter Hannah's perspective of her unique origins.

Pre-Born Lives Matter with Dr. William Lile

Forty-seven years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion through the infamous Roe v. Wade decision. This broadcast features Dr. Dobson's conversation with pro-life OB/GYN, Dr. William Lile. Dr. Lile makes strong arguments for the precious life inside a mother's womb and highlights the egregious effects abortion has on our culture.

Have We No Shame?

It is hard to fathom that citizens of the greatest nation in human history would have such a low regard for the lives of their most innocent and vulnerable. Listen as Dr. Dobson talks with Fox News Radio host, Todd Starnes, about this heartbreaking reality.


God's Miracle of Life CD

We believe that life is precious because it is a gift from God. It is why Christians celebrate, nurture and defend the most vulnerable among us: the unborn. We hope this special audio CD touches your heart, inspires you, and moves you to do everything you can to stand for life.