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December 28, 2023

About Those Books...

An openly homosexual school board member in Fairfax County, Virginia, was just sworn into office on a stack of sexually explicit books that many leftists insist are being banned.

I've seen this done before, so I assume this is some new progressive trend. The Left loves theatrics.

Here's a reality check. None of the sexually explicit books were ever banned!

Any adult, in any city, can get these books anytime they want. Misguided adults can even give the books to their kids for Christmas if they want.

The only issue regarding these books is that concerned parents and taxpayers have said there is no reason why anyone should be sharing these sexually graphic books with children in our public schools and libraries.

In fact, the author of one of these graphic books agrees and says the content is not meant for kids.

So, why in the heck are leftist bureaucrats and politicians trying to force these books on our children?!

The Left and their media allies are well on their way to establishing "book banning" as a major issue in 2024. Their narrative is that pro-family groups and parents want to control what you read, while progressives are protecting your freedom. If they succeed with that narrative, they will likely win.

JDFI is fighting back. In a free country, adults are given a lot of leeway on what they pollute their minds with. But a sane, morally-based society will and should protect its children from explicit sexual material.

The central question remains the same. Why are powerful forces in the education establishment, in government, and in the popular culture trying to expose our children to filth and perversion? Not on our watch!

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