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January 31, 2023

"Bake The Cake, Wear The Jersey, Bend The Knee"

Last week we praised Ivan Provorov, a defensive player for the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team. He refused to wear a jersey with the LGBTQ rainbow flag on the Flyers' "Pride Night." He said he respected everyone, but could not participate because doing so conflicted with his Christian faith (He belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church.)

Mr. Provorov was roundly condemned by the forces of "tolerance and inclusion," even though they displayed neither trait in their reaction to Mr. Provorov's act of conscience. One commentator suggested he "get on a plane" and "go back where you feel more comfortable," — presumably Russia.

His critics were loud and vicious, but they appear to be a minority. Sales of Mr. Provorov's jersey skyrocketed in the aftermath of his principled stand.

Tal Fortgang, an American Orthodox Jew, wrote a wonderful defense of Mr. Provorov in the weekend Wall Street Journal. You can read it here.

In recent years we have witnessed what Dr. James Dobson predicted years ago. The LGBTQ movement began with an effective argument appealing for merely tolerance, inclusion and acceptance.

Having accomplished many of their goals, they now employ a cultural "fist' to the mouth of anyone who says, "my faith does not permit me to celebrate or express pride in your 'lifestyle.'"

The baker must bake the cake for the same-sex wedding or else be slapped with a lawsuit. The professional athlete must don rainbows on pride night or lose sponsors. The follower of Jesus Christ must "kneel" at the LGBTQ altar in the name of love.

That is exactly what we must not, can not do.

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