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October 19, 2022


Why is one of the largest, most influential banks in America "cancelling" a religious liberty group?

The National Committee for Religious Freedom (NCRF) is a non-partisan, faith-based, non-profit organization, dedicated to defending the right of everyone in America to the freedom of religion. Its chairman is Sam Brownback, who also has served as the U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom. He previously was elected as governor of Kansas and before that he served 14 years in the U.S. Senate.

After the founding of NCRF, the organization opened a bank account at J.P. Morgan Chase & Company. So far, so good. But three weeks later they received a letter notifying them that Chase had decided to "end their relationship" with NCRF. The account was immediately closed by the bank, causing the group operational and financial challenges.

Chase employees refused to tell Brownback why his group that defends our constitutional right to religious freedom had their bank account cancelled.

Chase finally reached out to NCRF with an outrageous request. They would be willing to reconsider opening the account if NCRF provided their donor list, a list of candidates they intended to endorse, and what criteria they would use to make those endorsements.

Senator Brownback believes his pro-religious group is not the only one of its kind that has been punished by a U.S. bank or financial institution. He has launched a #ChasedAway campaign to gather information about ministries and similar groups being discriminated against.

This November, make sure the candidates you support at all levels of government are committed to defending religious liberty.

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