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October 13, 2022

Church Attacks Continue

A Catholic church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was attacked late last week. It made little news.

As students at Holy Family Classical School were having class pictures taken outside the church, a man approached and made threatening statements. When a school employee engaged the man, he attacked the employee with a sword.

School officials immediately got the children inside and locked down the school. The attacker then threw two Molotov cocktails at the Catholic church.

More than 220 American churches have been attacked over the past two years, many by deranged, godless Marxists. Catholic churches have been targeted specifically because they are seen as pro-life. But in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., three churches from different denominations were vandalized and firebombed in one night.

Virtually none of these kinds of attacks make the national news. At best, they are treated as local news only. But they are of great national significance.

The freedom of religion and the freedom of worship have never been in jeopardy in America before. But today, houses of worship increasingly are targeted by evil people.

Meanwhile, President Biden, who claims to be Catholic, and federal law enforcement leaders have remained silent. They are too busy arresting pro-life activists.

I recently heard a prominent but misguided Christian leader suggest that if Christians continue to get involved in government and politics, we will be persecuted.

Wrong. The truth is the exact opposite.

Unless Christians get more involved in government and elections, the persecution that is already taking place will only get worse.

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