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March 03, 2023

Communist China Persecutes The Church

The persecution of Christians in communist China is getting worse. Sadly, international groups, the American media and the Biden administration don't seem to care.

A new report by ChinaAid, a U.S.-based private organization, claims that China's millions of Christians faced growing oppression throughout 2022.

There is a concerted campaign to remove Christianity from social media and "cyberspace." Censorship has reached an unprecedented level.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is particularly going after the "house church movement," which consists of small Christian congregations that don't register with the government. In the last year, house church pastors and elders have been jailed and may face years in prison.

Bob Fu, ChinaAid President and Founder, said that China's state-run religious groups not only are required to praise the CCP, but increasingly must praise Chinese "President" Xi Jinping. He said the goal was to create a "socialist-friendly church and ultimately to 'erase' the church entirely." In recent years, churches have been ordered to remove likenesses of Jesus and replace them with pictures of Xi Jinping.

There have been no resolutions passed at the United Nations condemning this persecution. There is no evidence that Biden administration officials have raised the issue of unacceptable Christian persecution with their Chinese communist counterparts in bilateral meetings. The American media increasingly ignores the plight of Christians around the world and particularly in communist China. America's multinational corporations, that are quick to criticize Christian conservatives and threaten to boycott conservative states here, rarely, if ever, are critical of the Chinese Communist Party. Doing so could jeopardize their profits.

Dr. James Dobson and I were leading critics of giving China "most favored nation" trading status in 2000. We warned that trade with China wouldn't reform them, but it would compromise the U.S. Sadly, that is exactly what has happened.

Please join us in praying for the persecuted church around the world and specifically in communist China. And join us in protecting our cherished religious liberty right here in the U.S.

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