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February 17, 2023

FBI Targets Orthodox Catholics

The attack on religious liberty, and Christians in particular, has just crossed another dangerous line. The FBI's Richmond, Virginia, division produced an intelligence report claiming that "white supremacy" is rampant among Orthodox Catholic groups that desire to retain the Latin Mass in Catholic churches. Just as disturbing is that the FBI expressed confidence it could infiltrate the traditionalist Catholics.

This attack on "orthodox" Catholics is unacceptable and likely unconstitutional. The FBI relied on the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is a leftist smear group that has repeatedly labeled conservative evangelicals and Catholics as "bigots," "Christian Nationalists" and "fascists."

When a "whistleblower" exposed this attack on Catholic conservatives, the FBI's Richmond Division quickly withdrew the intelligence report. Critics believe they did so only because the FBI was caught "red-handed."

Another former FBI insider, Kyle Seraphin, said the FBI's report focusing on traditionalist Catholics is a "gateway" to "move into Christians in general and declare them to be the actual criminals in this country or potential terrorists."

Jason Miyares, the attorney general of Virginia, along with 19 other state attorneys general have demanded the FBI immediately stop the targeting of Catholics and produce "all materials" related to the report. They sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, calling the FBI intelligence report "un-American" and "anti-Catholic." Attorney General Miyares said the FBI report was "what I would expect from communist Cuba."

This is how real, deadly persecution has always started throughout history against Christians around the world. It is another reason why pastors and priests who say they don't want to be involved in influencing government or debates in the "public square" are being incredibly short-sighted. Our religious freedom is a great blessing won by courageous men and women who built our constitutional Republic. We have a moral obligation to protect and defend it now.

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April 23, 2024

Biden's War on Women

The Biden administration hopes the abortion issue will lead to his re-election in November. Women voters may want to think twice, however. Late last Friday, the administration declared war on women by distorting and destroying Title IX, a landmark 1972 law that bans sex discrimination in any school that receives federal funding. Title IX guarantees equal treatment for women in every aspect of education from the classroom to sports. Feminists hailed its passage 52 years ago, but the law may have a fatal omission that the Biden administration just drove a truckload of "wokeness" through: It didn't define what a woman is.

April 22, 2024

Religious Left Smears Christian Conservatives

As we have repeatedly warned, there is a deliberate effort to intimidate, shame, smear, and even threaten conservative Christians out of the political and public policy arena. It is understandable that the radical, secular Left would want to do that. But it is outrageous that some so-called "progressive Christians" are lending their support to this effort.

April 19, 2024

Stand With Israel

We thank God that the April 13th missile and drone attack on Israel, by the Islamic Republic of Iran, failed. Many of the 300 missiles and drones were destroyed by Israel's Iron Dome defense system or by U.S. and Israeli jets. But the failure of the attack does not erase its significance. For the first time, Iran has launched an attack directly from its own territory on Israel, instead of using its proxies, including Hamas and Hezbollah.