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August 25, 2021

Leaving Critical Race Theory Behind

Critical Race Theory is increasingly touted as the answer for racial tensions in America. But it's a lie. Rather than offering unity and a shared pursuit of the American dream, CRT promises division and the destruction of the shared values upon which America was built. Indeed, Critical Race Theory seeks to divide us based on the color of our skin.

So what's the answer?

Monique Duson spent more than twenty years advocating Critical Race Theory (CRT). But then she came to understand how this Marxist-based framework contradicts biblical teachings. Now, she is trying to help others understand the danger of CRT and the hope that Jesus offers for racial unity.

"If your friends or loved ones are wrapped up in the critical social theories, critical race theory or social justice, don't get mad at them," Duson said.

She added, "It's usually done or embraced from a posture that is very compassionate and wanting to do good. They've just not been [given] a proper exegetical framework."

Duson encourages Christians to point CRT proponents to the Bible "to truly understand what it means." She added, "We must have compassion as we embrace young people and older people who are exposed to this ideology so that we can influence them with the gospel of truth," she continued. "Jesus is our only hope for racial unity."

To learn more about CRT and the danger it presents to America, read Dr. James Dobson's August newsletter.

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