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October 17, 2021

LGBT Propaganda in the Classroom

We told you last week that the far Left doesn't believe parents are the primary stakeholders in their children's education.

Here's what that means for your kids, according to LifeSiteNews:

"Schools want to turn kids into "allies"—but not to their parents. No, they want kids to be allies to the LGBT movement.

"As far as progressives are concerned, the kids belong to the state, and they are teaching the children what the state wants them to believe.

"Despite the incredible pace at which progressives conquered elite institutions, many are aware that most parents are not teaching their children that they may actually be the opposite sex or, for that matter, that they may be neither gender. This means that [progressives] need to teach children these things at school with radical sex education, perverse "children's" propaganda books, LGBT kid's entertainment, and Drag Queen Story Hour."

When the pandemic provided parents with an opportunity to get a glimpse of the indoctrination occurring, they pushed back. But our leftist institutions aren't going down without a fight. More from LifeSiteNews:

"In response, school boards are trying to cut parents off; cut them out; and push them out of the process. And top Democratic politicians, from Terry McAuliffe to Joe Biden's Education Secretary [Miguel Cardona], are stating publicly that they side with the so-called educators over the parents. These educators, after all, are also producing future Democratic voters."

The answer, according to author Jonathon Van Maren, is to pull your kids out of public school. For many parents, this might indeed be the right choice. Homeschooling is skyrocketing, and there are more resources than ever to help you direct your children's education. For other parents, this is not a realistic option for various financial or personal reasons. If that is you, don't be discouraged—be determined! If your child is in public school, you need to closely monitor what they are learning, and make sure you are helping your child separate fact from fiction. With God's help, you can do it! And there is no more important task in front of you.

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