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Guest: Dr. Kenneth Cooper

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October 23, 2023

LGBTQ Leaders Throw Weight Behind Biden

Three of the most powerful LGBTQ activist organizations in America have just issued formal 2024 reelection endorsements of President Joe Biden. The three groups are the (misnamed) Human Rights Campaign (HRC) PAC, the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) Action Fund, and the Equality PAC. All three groups have significant political assets they will deploy to benefit Biden. They promised in their endorsements to do major voter registration drives and political messaging.

The endorsements should not surprise anyone. Kelly Robinson, president of HRC, explained that Biden's "leadership is crucial now more than ever as LGBTQ+ Americans are living in a state of emergency," as the "right-wing" is "working tirelessly to erase us."

JDFI had to scratch our heads on that claim. The LGBTQ+ special interest lobby is in no danger of erasure. In fact, their sexualized political agenda is on constant display with the backing of virtually all American "elites." Americans in the workplace, in our schools, and in popular entertainment are brow-beaten into "kneeling" and expressing pride in the LGBTQ lifestyle. If anyone is in danger of erasure, they are the parents who want to protect their children from LGBTQ-oriented graphic sex ed. Remember the Biden administration's Justice Department labeled those parents potential "domestic terrorists" and set up a hotline to report them?

Parental rights groups are constantly under attack from the three endorsing organizations. In addition, religious liberty legal groups regularly have to defend Christian Americans who are being pressured to embrace and endorse LGBTQ ideology in the workforce.

JDFI does agree with NCTE Action Fund executive director Rodrigo Heng-Lehtinen, who said, "Without question, the Biden administration has been the strongest advocate for the needs of transgender Americans of any presidential administration in American history."

Sadly, that fact has been to the detriment of women and girls who are being denied "safe space" from men and boys claiming they are women.

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February 23, 2024

LGBTQ Advocates the Desecration of Iconic Cathedral

America's churches are increasingly targets of violence and desecration from radical LGBTQ fanatics. Sadly, elected officials, particularly on the left, have been silent or slow to condemn the disturbing and unacceptable trend.

February 21, 2024

Who’s Killing Nigerian Christians?

The European Parliament has passed a resolution condemning the mass killing of Christians and the burning of churches in Nigeria. Better late than never. Much of Europe has said virtually nothing about the growing persecution of Christians in Nigeria, just as the Biden administration can't find its voice either.

February 19, 2024

Planned Parenthood Attacks Virginity

Planned Parenthood recently released a video aimed at our kids called, "What is Virginity?" An apparent "teacher" begins, "Virginity. What is it, and what's the big deal about losing it? Let me cut to the chase. Virginity is a completely made-up concept. It's a term that was created simply to control and shame people—mainly women. Mmm."