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January 12, 2023

Life Votes In House

The battle among House Republicans over the house speakership and rules governing the chamber in the new 118th Congress is over. Part of the agreement guarantees that seven specific pieces of legislation will get an up and down vote in the House of Representatives. Two of those votes will deal with abortion, which is good news.

One bill will prohibit taxpayer funding of abortions. This measure is absolutely necessary because the Biden administration has been ignoring previous safeguards that prevented such subsidies for the taking of innocent human life.

The second bill has been referred to as "The Born Alive Act." It requires healthcare practitioners to provide proper care to save a child who survives an attempted abortion.

Sadly, both bills will probably be decided by the narrowest of margins, even though the American people oppose paying for abortions and believe that a baby born alive should receive appropriate medical care.

The pro-abortion lobby, including groups such as Planned Parenthood, will spare no expense to defeat these legislative initiatives.

JDFI will work diligently to get both bills passed. In addition, we will disclose how all 435 members of the House vote, and we will make sure their constituents are informed.

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