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February 03, 2022

NCAA Refuses to Protect Women's Sports, Punts Decision

Men don't belong in women's sports. What we all know intuitively has been proven again and again by example. But the NCAA refuses to face reality.

The organization's latest act of cowardice is found in its new policy allowing individual sports to set policies regarding the participation of "transgender" athletes.

Here's more from Fox News:

The Independent Women's Law Center (IWLC) and Independent Women's Forum (IWF) condemned the NCAA for adopting the approach in a statement Thursday:

"The NCAA's decision to endorse the participation of biological men in women's sports, while making each sporting body decide the particular rules for participation, is a colossal act of cowardice. Make no mistake, by asking female athletes to step aside to make room for biological males, the NCAA discriminates against women," IWLC director Jennifer C. Braceras said in a statement.

IWF and IWLC senior policy analyst Inez Stepman [had this to say]: "Allowing biological males to compete in women's events not only reduces opportunities for females, it undermines the entire rationale behind single-sex competition. It's time for athletic governing bodies to stand up for women's sports."

The IWLC and IWF said they conducted a report in the summer that said hormone therapy didn't "eliminate the male athletic advantage" and alleged the policy violates Title IX protections.

Why is the NCAA unwilling to protect the athletes it represents? It's time for universities and individuals to take a stand. Contact your alma mater and your state representatives and demand that they do what the NCAA is unwilling to do: protect women!


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