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September 25, 2021

Oppose CRT At Your Own Risk

Paul Rossi was a teacher at a prestigious private school in New York. That is, until he questioned Critical Race Theory.

"[W]hat I saw happening was that students were being led to identify with their group identity," Rossi said. "It is minimizing the personal side of [humanity], and being taught to embrace the collective side of it, the group side, which meant race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation. These things were the most significant part of their identity. And I saw that playing out and having deleterious effects, not just on the culture of the school, but on the kids themselves."

For Rossi, the last straw was a Zoom session on self-care during the pandemic in which "both the students and the faculty were divided by race— white-identifying students and faculty in one Zoom room, and Black, indigenous, people of color-identifying students and faculty in another Zoom room. And they got [dictated] substantially different content."

When Rossi expressed his concerns, the school's administration responded with an ultimatum. Rossi would be invited back for the next school year, but only if we was willing to attend "restorative practices, led by the Office of Community Engagement," in order to address the "harm" he was alleged to have caused to students of color.

Rossi's concern for students isn't what is harming our children. Critical Race Theory is. Learn more about this dangerous ideology by reading Dr. James Dobson's recent newsletter about CRT.

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