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June 08, 2023

Parents Together Fight Back!

Six parents in Montgomery County, Maryland, are suing the county Board of Education for exposing their children to LGBTQ+ so-called "pride books." The parents are of diverse religious backgrounds including Catholic, Protestant and Muslim couples. Their lawsuit contends the school board is in violation of a state law requiring parents to be notified of any course material related to sexuality. The law permits parents to take their children out of the course or lesson if it contradicts or violates their values.

The books at the center of the controversy include one entitled Pride Puppy. The target audience for that book is children ages three to five! They are instructed to find items including a drag king or queen, leather, underwear, or an intersex flag. I still recall when children were asked to participate in "treasure hunts" to look for a penny, a flower or a ball.

Other books aimed at children in grades six through eight urge them to be public about their secret desires for other children of the same sex.

The parents are being represented by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which is dedicated to defending our First Amendment freedom of religion. Of course, the media and LGBTQ groups are accusing the parents of "book banning" and censorship. The reality is the parents are merely exercising their God-given right to protect their children. Even in liberal Maryland, polling shows significant support for shielding our children from indoctrination.

The Montgomery County, Maryland, controversy is similar to battles all over America. These battles are a daily reminder of how important it is to vote in school board elections and to closely watch what your children are being exposed to in America's radicalized public education system.

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April 15, 2024

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