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February 28, 2023

President Biden Loses Children

Remember all the wailing and gnashing of teeth on the left when the Trump Administration allegedly "lost" 6,000 migrant children? Well, tragically the current Administration has lost exponentially more migrant children, but there's barely a word about this national scandal from the "mainstream media."

Mark your calendars, folks, because I don't praise the New York Times often, but the "Old Gray Lady" deserves kudos for a special report this weekend on how migrant children are being abused and exploited in President Biden's America.

The Times report notes that a record surge of 130,000 "unaccompanied minors" hit the U.S. southern border last year. Incredibly, the Biden Administration is unable to locate about 85,000 of them. The Times adds that the Department of Health and Human Services may have permanently lost track of more than 40,000 migrant children.

It turns out that many of them are working hard, full-time jobs to pay back smugglers or to send money back home. In the process, they are also taking away jobs and suppressing wages of struggling American workers.

The Times report also acknowledged that caseworkers "rushed through vetting sponsors" as they were pressured to quickly move the migrant children out of detention centers and into the interior of the country. How many of these children were handed over to sex traffickers?

From abortion to fentanyl to tens of thousands of missing children, this administration has blood dripping from its hands!

By the way, there's another group of missing children—the kids who dropped out of school after left-wing teachers' unions closed the schools down during the pandemic.

We know how many children went to private schools. We know how many are now homeschooling. We know how many are back in the public schools.

But at least 240,000 children are unaccounted for. Is the Biden Administration doing anything to find out what happened to those kids? Let's pray they do. In the meantime, please join us in calling the White House to hold them accountable for these missing children: 202-456-1414

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