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May 18, 2021

President Joe Biden Wants Stay-At-Home Parents to Work

President Joe Biden introduced his American Families Plan, which would offer a huge incentive for stay-at-home parents (the majority being mothers) to work. It also would provide "free universal pre-school for all three- and four-year-olds."

Who will pay for this plan? We will, as will our children and our families…in more ways than one.

As detailed in National Review, this plan "would plop the government's thumb heavily on one side of the scale, using taxpayer money to massively subsidize child care for the working and middle classes. Stay-at-home parents, who watch their own kids so no one else has to, would no longer pocket the resulting savings for their families. This is far outside the proper role of government, contrary to the values of many American parents, and quite possibly harmful to kids."

For decades, Dr. James Dobson has detailed the vital role that mothers and fathers play in the development of their children. It likely goes without saying, but that influence requires the parents to be present and involved in their children's lives.

So why is the Biden administration bribing parents to hand off their sons and daughters to others? Could it be that government officials want an early start on influencing the way your children think?

We need representatives who will work to protect parental rights and strengthen familial bonds, not tear them apart. Elections have consequences… Contact your representatives today to let them know that if they choose to vote against the family, you'll vote against them!

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January 31, 2023

The Bible and Marriage

Professional sports leagues, movie stars, politicians, multi-national corporations, social media "influencers" and many other powerful entities have all taken a modern "progressive" view on the definition of marriage and gender fluidity. Christians in these institutions are increasingly forced to accept moral relativism on such issues or risk losing their jobs or other benefits. All of this is being done in the name of "tolerance."

January 31, 2023

Minnesota Declares War on Babies

The Minnesota State Senate just passed, by a 34 to 33 vote, arguably the most radical pro-abortion law in America. Gov. Tim Walz (D) has already signaled that he will proudly sign it into law.

January 24, 2023

"Bake The Cake, Wear The Jersey, Bend The Knee"

Last week we praised Ivan Provorov, a defensive player for the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team. He refused to wear a jersey with the LGBTQ rainbow flag on the Flyers' "Pride Night." He said he respected everyone, but could not participate because doing so conflicted with his Christian faith (He belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church.)