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July 20, 2021

Radical Feminists Won't Stop Killing Babies Even if Abortion is Banned

How do abortion activists feel about the rising threats to Roe v. Wade?

A recent POLITICO article leaves no doubt: "[T]hey make it clear they're prepared to defy any laws banning abortion."

One activist has even put together a book, "Handbook for Post-Roe America" that counsels readers on how to fight limits on abortion, or even obtain abortion pills online from countries including Ethiopia.

Abortion activists used to claim they wanted abortion to be "safe, legal, and rare." Now they are promoting mail-order drugs that induce chemical abortions, which are not only killing innocent children but are also injuring thousands of women. Their true horrific intentions can no longer be denied.

It seems our nation's moral depravity knows no bounds. Abortion has been used as a high-tech eugenics device, allowing women and their so-called medical providers to destroy innocent children in the womb because they are "flawed." (Lest you forget, today in the United States, approximately 70% of unborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted.) The Democratic party has actually advocated for the killing of children after birth—infanticide. In 2019, New York passed the "Reproductive Health Act," allowing for the murder of a child by abortion at any time up to the very moment of delivery. If that baby survives this horrific assault, the law permits the abortionist to leave the innocent to die on the table.

How do we respond to such evil? Consider these words from Dr. James Dobson:

What is the answer to this horrible disregard for life? Our Declaration of Independence proclaims the inalienable right of "life," but too often our government officials fail to uphold even this most basic ideal. We need politicians who stand for life and policies that protect life. But we also need a societal change of heart. One by one, the lies of abortion and euthanasia have been exposed. Now the truth about human life must be proclaimed. The church must find its voice. And you must find your voice.

We can still change this nation and return to a people who recognize the sacredness of life. But it won't happen unless we act now. Start by being a voice for life, by offering love and support for single moms, funding or volunteering at local pregnancy centers, and demonstrating in word and deed that the elderly, the sick, and the disabled are all precious in the sight of God.

But don't stop there. Learn about the political party platforms and candidates for office. Vote for public servants who respect the sanctity of life at every stage, and who aren't afraid to govern accordingly.

From conception to our last breaths on this earth, all human life is a sacred gift from Almighty God. It must be cherished in our hearts and protected through our actions, both in our capacity as individuals and also through our laws and policies as a nation.

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