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March 29, 2023

Save Our Children

Some historians believe America's war over what to teach our children began in 1962 when the Supreme Court decided it was unconstitutional for a child to hear a prayer or Bible verse in a public school.

Fast forward to today when powerful forces, in and out of government, are demanding that "drag queens" be allowed to read books in public libraries and elsewhere to little children. We do not believe children are well served by being exposed to men garishly and often obscenely dressed to look like women.

One such event was just held at an LGBTQ club in New York City. It was sponsored by State Attorney General Letitia James, along with Drag Story Hour NYC, an advocacy group that has received over $200,000 in city contracts in recent years. So this was a taxpayer-subsidized drag queen event.

Meanwhile, a reading hour event, scheduled for the same day by Chaya Raichik, a pro-family conservative and actual woman who has exposed left-wing teachers, had to be cancelled after multiple death threats. Chaya Raichik planned to read her new children's book, "No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern." The delightful and timely book tries to teach children not to keep secrets from their parents about what is happening in the classroom.

At the Fayetteville Public Library in Arkansas, LGBTQ extremists did their best to breakup a reading hour featuring Christian and actor-writer Kirk Cameron. He was reading to the children from his book, "As You Grow." Another reader was a former transgender person, Laura Perry Smalts, who read from the book, "Elephants Are Not Birds." During the story hour she shared that at one point in life she found it difficult to love herself the way God created her and how faith changed her life. God bless her!

Over 500 enthusiastic children, parents, and grandparents attended the event. Unfortunately, it was disrupted by men from the Arkansas chapter of "Hillbilly Harlots." Some of them dressed up as drag queen nuns wearing high-heels. Thus, innocent children attending a family-friendly event were forced to see these men and witness their hateful efforts to interfere with the Christian families' peacefully meeting.

There are important lessons here that Christians must understand. The LGBTQ extremists demand access to young children in the name of tolerance. But when Christians attempt to have their own reading events promoting a godly worldview for children, intimidation and disruption are employed by the same LGBTQ extremists.

Dr. James Dobson has implored us for years to understand — there is a battle raging for the hearts and minds of our children. Only one side will prevail. Our children will either be taught the morality, virtues and values of Judeo-Christian civilization, or they will be taught a materialistic, anti-God, debased immoral worldview that will rob them of their innocence and future.

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