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Guest: David Horowitz


April 19, 2023

Stop Trans Violence

The increasing violence by radical trans advocates and their supporters can no longer be ignored.

When college swimming champion and defender of women's athletics, Riley Gaines, recently spoke at San Francisco State University, she was physically assaulted by trans radicals, including a man wearing a dress. A mob ambushed her and forced her to be locked in a room for three hours out of fear for her safety. A university official called this outrage, "mostly peaceful."

Disaster was averted when 19-year-old William Whitworth, a man transitioned to a woman, was arrested in Colorado Springs, site of JDFI's headquarters, and charged with attempted murder. He had been planning for weeks to "shoot up" schools and churches in Colorado. A copy of the Communist Manifesto was found with his detailed plans.

Hearts are still broken in Nashville, Tennessee, as the grieving community mourns the murders of six Christians, including three nine-year-old children, at The Covenant School. The shooter, who died in the attack, was a 28-year-old woman "transing" to be a man, who was taking large doses of male hormones.

The recent shouting down and harassment of a respected federal judge at prestigious Stanford Law School was motivated by the judge's decision on trans-related issues.

The evidence is not anecdotal. A 2022 study of youth in Quebec, Canada, found that "transgender and gender diverse youth emerge as the group at the highest risk of support for violent radicalization."

JDFI urges churches and Christian schools to take action now to secure your sites given the degree of anti-Christian rhetoric coming from the radical left generally, and the radical trans movement particularly.

We call on the Biden administration to tone down its rhetoric immediately, particularly that of Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. Just last week, as trans violence was increasing, Jean-Pierre said this in the White House press room after expressing opposition to legislation pending in multiple states, "LGBTQI+ kids are resilient, they are fierce, they fight back!"

There has not been one statement by the President, or his spokesmen calling for an end to violence and intimidation by trans activists.

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September 11

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Marxism Versus The Family

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