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June 14, 2023

The Assault on Christianity

A professor at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) recently put up a display entitled "Understanding Christian Privilege." Those of us who identify as Christians certainly are privileged to know the love and grace of our savior, Jesus Christ. But that's not exactly what this professor had in mind.

In a six-page screed, she blasted Christianity as an oppressive force, declaring, "Christian privilege is directly connected to white supremacy and settler colonialism."

Some might dismiss this display as just "one professor at one university spouting off." That would be a mistake. It is indicative of the growing hostility toward Christians at many universities across America. It is indicative of the growing hostility toward faith in corporate America and among the political left that we are seeing most especially during "Pride Month."

The fact that this attack on Christianity is happening is a clear sign that there isn't much "Christian privilege" at all.

Just think about the choice the Los Angeles Dodgers recently made. The legendary team had no problems choosing to align with the bigoted, anti-Christian Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence over the strenuous objections of faithful Christian baseball fans. So much for "Christian privilege."

The Left is also pushing a similarly negative theme whenever it raises the specter of so-called "Christian nationalism." As far as I can discern, a "Christian nationalist" is how the Left describes people who love God, love America and love our founding — things that are universally embraced by the vast majority of Americans throughout most of our history.

Meanwhile, the Left's obsession with "Christian nationalism" and "Christian privilege" comes at a time when Christian persecution around the world is growing tremendously.

Scores of Christians were killed and hundreds of churches were destroyed after recent clashes erupted with Hindu nationalists in India. Christians are being murdered every day by radical Islamists in Africa and the Middle East.

Right here in the United States, hundreds of churches that uphold the sanctity of life have been vandalized and set on fire in recent years. The violence against churches and faith-based ministries increased significantly after Roe v. Wade was overturned.

As graduation season continues, it is imperative for Christian parents to prepare their high school-aged children for what they are likely to confront at many colleges, universities and job sites.

JDFI will proudly continue to defend our Judeo-Christian values, and we will expose and fight against Christian persecution here and abroad.

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