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January 18, 2022

The Biden Administration is Going to Put Men in Women's Prisons

Prisons just became less safe for women.

National Review reports that the Biden administration is seeking to reinstitute a federal policy, revoked under the Trump administration, that allows male criminals to transfer to women's prisons based on their subjective "gender identity."

Approximately 1,200 federal inmates identify as transgender, according to the Justice Department. While President Trump severely limited such transfers, multiple states have embraced the practice, leading to "rampant abuse." 

Here's more from National Review:

In the Washington state prison apparatus, biological male transfers have repeatedly sexually exploited their female roommates but the Department of Corrections often turns a blind eye to the incidents, a former guard and former inmate at the Washington Corrections Center for Women alleged to National Review.

Some transgender inmates with questionable gender dysphoria diagnoses [who have] not yet completed transition surgeries have taken advantage of loopholes and manipulated the admission process just so they can be housed with women, the pair claimed. Fearful of discrimination litigation, WCCW accepts many male convicted felons without conducting thorough due diligence as to their violent criminal records and often favors them in Prison Rape Elimination Act proceedings when female inmates accuse them of assault, the two said.

Denying biological realities is already wreaking havoc across the country, depriving women of athletic and educational opportunities, and placing them in physical danger. Under the current administration, the problem seems certain to get worse.

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