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July 07, 2021

The Right to Choose…What?

Late last month, a reporter asked Jen Psaki, Joe Biden's press secretary, a simple question… whether President Joe Biden believes "that a 15-week-old unborn baby is a human being?"

Psaki didn't answer the question. Instead, she created her own question: "Are you asking me if the President supports a woman's right to choose? He does."

As Alexandra Desanctis noted on National Review, this was nothing more than a "dizzying pivot," one that avoided the facts in favor of politically expedient messaging.

She writes:

The reporter was not, of course, asking Psaki if Biden supports the "right to choose." She asked something entirely different, a very clear question: Does the President subscribe to the belief that an unborn child—or, if one prefers, a fetus—is a human being, at least at some stage of pre-birth development? Put another way: Is the President willing to acknowledge a basic fact of biology, or does his ideology preclude him from doing so?

Joe Biden knows what every American with even the most basic understanding of biology recognizes: An unborn child is a human being. But Joe Biden also knows what every defender of abortion recognizes: To admit that an unborn child is a human being is to admit that they advocate for the killing of human beings.

We must be willing to stand up and say what the Biden administration is unwilling to confess: America has the blood of innocents on its hands. From conception to our final breath on this earth, all life is a sacred gift from Almighty God. It must be cherished in our hearts and protected through our actions, both in our capacity as individuals and also through our laws and policies as a nation. Are you ready to speak up?

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October 02, 2023

Democracy—We Must Save Our Children

Parents took to the streets of Canada last week in a "1 Million March 4 Children," organized by concerned Muslim and Christian leaders. Their mantra was "Leave the children alone!" Their demand was "the elimination of sexual orientation and gender identity curriculum, pronouns, gender ideology and mixed bathrooms in schools." JDFI stands with these Canadian parents who are fulfilling their God-given role of protecting their children.

September 29, 2023

Erasing Women

The Biden administration continues its move forward with their plan to severely undermine a key federal law that prevents sexual discrimination. The law, referred to as Title IX, was passed in 1972 to protect women's educational opportunities. The federal Department of Education proposed new rules under Title IX that would apply the protection to men claiming they have become women through "transitioning." This has sparked outrage around the country. JDFI has been working tirelessly to pressure the Biden administration to protect women and girls.

September 27, 2023

Communism Winning In America?

Dr. Ben Carson, retired neurosurgeon and former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has delivered a sobering warning about communism in America.