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November 17, 2023

The Transgender Juggernaut

How did transgender ideology, a doctrine at war with God's natural order and creation itself, become, seemingly overnight, a powerful force in America?

Christopher F. Rufo, perhaps the leading intellectual voice against transgender extremism, has performed an incredible service by researching its roots and the danger it presents to our children. He recently delivered a speech at Hillsdale College's Washington, D.C., campus entitled "Inside the Transgender Empire." You can read an abridged version of his remarks here in Imprimis, a free monthly speech digest of Hillsdale College.

Rufo's research goes back to the 1980s when a group of academics established what they referred to as "queer theory" and "transgender studies." Many of our universities now have whole academic departments dedicated to these so-called "disciplines." These are usually the same universities that are failing to teach the noble history and literature of Western Judeo-Christian civilization.

The transgender debate is not a fringe issue or a "side-show" as some political and, sadly, religious leaders claim. Rufo describes succinctly what this controversy is really about. He explains the goals of the transgender movement which are: "…to abolish the distinctions of man and woman, to transcend the limitations established by God and nature, and to connect the personal struggle of trans individuals to the political struggle to transform society in a radical way." In fact, this "radical way" is often rooted in godless Marxism, a political/economic system already responsible for millions of deaths in the 20th century up to the present time.

Rufo also explains how this anti-God, anti-normalcy ideology has been empowered by leftist politicians and powerful forces in government, as well as some of the wealthiest people in America.

JDFI is encouraged to see the growing opposition to transgender ideology, including the parental rights movement and courageous individuals in other areas of American life, including women's sports and the popular culture. We urge more Christians to become active citizens and more pastors to address these questions from the pulpit. America is in trouble on multiple fronts, and solutions will not be found without truth grounded in the teaching of Jesus Christ.

For more JDFI biblically-based resources on this topic, sign up on our page Transgenderism: Truth & Grace.

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