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May 03, 2023

The War on Parental Rights

If you listen to the liberal media, there's an odd narrative out there. It goes something like this: Since Christians lost the battle over same-sex marriage, they are desperately searching for a new "target" in their "right-wing culture war." And, according to the left's narrative, Christians have decided to go after "vulnerable trans kids."

As usual, the left has it exactly backwards. Christians didn't start the culture war. We are playing defense in the culture war—a war the left started in the early 1960s when it banned God from public schools and then legalized abortion on demand ten years later.

Ever since then, we have been resisting the left's efforts to "fundamentally transform" America into something we no longer recognize. We have been attempting to slow down the insanity the left is imposing on our country, our communities and our churches.

And since losing the battle over same-sex marriage not even ten years ago, it seems "Pandora's Box" has been flung wide open. Now, all of a sudden, we're fighting to keep men out of women's bathrooms and to stop public school teachers from "grooming" our children with radical gender ideology.

As Christians who believe in God's Word, we are being shoved to the margins, forced out of the public square and into the proverbial "closet." We increasingly find ourselves struggling against immoral and intolerant policies we cannot be a part of.

Here's the latest example.

Three states—California, Oregon, and Washington—are taking the war on parental rights to an extreme level. Legislation is either already on the books or is advancing in these states that would make them "sanctuary states" for transgenderism.

Parents will have no right to know if teachers or school counselors are "transitioning" their children, giving them new names and pronouns that are different from what they use at home. In other words, your son "Billy" may be "Sally" at school, and you have no right to know.

In some cases, children can even get puberty blockers and radical transgender surgeries without a parent's knowledge or permission. Is there anything more profound than the state castrating a young boy or performing radical surgery on a young girl without a parent's knowledge, much less permission? That's evil!

But these extreme proposals are showing you what the ultimate goal is: The left dominates California, Oregon, and Washington. Where it has complete power, it is erasing parents.

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