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November 08, 2022

Transgender Ideology vs. The Constitution

The transgender movement and its radical ideology have been fully embraced by the political left and American educational and cultural elites. They are demanding that everyone embrace this latest "progressive" insanity or else. Dissent will not be tolerated. Speech is regulated. Jobs are threatened. Moral objections are illegitimate and bigoted.

The latest battlefield is Randolph Union Middle School in Vermont, where a young girl and her dad are being crushed by the "thought police."

It began when the school permitted a 14-year-old biological male, who is a trans female, to use the same locker room as the young ladies on the volleyball team. When a teenage girl, Blake Allen, told school officials she was uncomfortable undressing in front of a biological boy she was essentially told to get used to it. When Blake went public with her belief that a male should not be in the girl's locker room, school officials told her to apologize to the trans student. Chillingly, she was also ordered to participate in a "restorative justice circle" to presumably confess her bigotry. She chose to be suspended instead.

Travis Allen, Blake's dad, also spoke up as any father would. He happens to be the coach of the school's soccer team. He made it clear that a biological boy should not be in a locker room with girls. The Vermont school district suspended him without pay, accusing him of "misgendering" the "trans girl."

We recommend that school officials at Randolph Union Middle School take a remedial class in a document called the U.S. Constitution. It prohibits the punishment of citizens for simply stating their views. The freedom of speech is one of our most basic rights.

The Alliance Defending Freedom is representing Blake and her father, and has filed a lawsuit against the school. We predict they will prevail, but it is scandalous that they have to litigate on such a fundamental question. The Dr. James Dobson Family Institute will continue to stand with American families and churches that are resisting trans ideology.

Please pray for the Allen family during this ordeal. Also, pray that countless Americans will be inspired by the courage of Blake Allen to just say "no" to the insanity sweeping through our culture.

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