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November 29, 2023

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November 20, 2023

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November 09, 2023


June 19, 2023

White House Goes Full “Pride”

The Biden White House claims to have held the largest LGBTQ+ "Pride celebration" on June 10th, with thousands of invitees at the White House. An enthusiastic crowd cheered as an exuberant Biden shouted, "Happy Pride Month! Happy Pride Year! Happy Pride Life!"

We recall when the Obama/Biden administration claimed they opposed same-sex marriage, only to later bathe the White House itself in rainbow colors after the Supreme Court changed the 2,000-year-old definition of marriage as the union between one man and one woman.

At this year's White House "Pride celebration," it was notable how far Biden dug his heels in on the "new frontier" of transgendering children. While his allies are attacking parental rights to determine what our children are taught about love and sex, Biden went all in on supporting parents who want to give minors puberty blockers that often sterilize their children, and mutilating surgeries that literally involve castrations and mastectomies on 11 and 12 year-olds.

The President also unveiled several new LGBTQ initiatives addressing mental health issues, homelessness and countering so-called "book bans" at the state and local level.

For the record, there are no, none, zero, zilch "book bans" being promoted around America against the LGBTQ issue. The debate that is raging, as the President surely knows, concerns when graphic material about human sexuality of any kind should be presented at an age-appropriate level of schooling. Parents are also concerned about what materials are in the children's sections of public libraries, and how much opportunity they have to "opt-out" their children from explicit sexual information. It is dangerous, and quite frankly a scare tactic, to suggest books are being banned.

President Biden's rhetoric was divisive and insulting in other areas, too. The Washington Post, which is an ally of the White House, quoted Biden as saying, "Our fight is far from over because we have some hysterical, I would argue prejudiced people, who are engaged in what you see going on around the country." Biden called the push for new pro-parental rights laws "an appeal to fear," that is "totally, thoroughly unjustified, ugly and wrong."

We are shocked at this divisive presidential language and reject it as intentionally deceptive.

American parents are not "prejudiced" for wanting to protect little children from material suggesting they can "pick" their gender. It isn't "an appeal to fear" to want to preserve safe spaces for biological girls and women in school bathrooms, showers and other facilities.

It is not an "ugly" emotion to oppose our daughters and granddaughters being forced to compete against biological men in high school and college sports.

We are pleading with President Biden to stop his attack on parents, biology and God's creation of two genders, male and female.

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December 08, 2023

Stop The Abortion Juggernaut

Pro-abortion extremists have shocked the pro-life movement in a string of victories on referenda across America. At least four states have amended their constitutions to permit virtually unlimited abortions, including Ohio, Michigan, and California. The victories were the result of pro-abortion forces massively outspending the pro-life side, and low voter turnout among Christians and conservatives.

December 06, 2023

Evangelical Leaders Stand With Israel

Dr. James Dobson has joined with other Evangelical leaders to urge Congress to stand with Israel. In a letter released to Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, the evangelical notables urged Congress to act "without delay" on a comprehensive list of initiatives.

December 04, 2023

Mob Attacks Christmas Tree Lighting

Sadly, in many parts of the world, it is nearly impossible for Christians to peacefully and safely celebrate the birth of Christ. From communist China to significant areas of the Islamic world, Christians are harassed by governments and threatened by mobs. Apparently, now Christians in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA, have to think twice about gathering to celebrate the birth of Christ.