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Mary Crowley

Host: Dr. James Dobson

February 10, 2021

Many women today grapple with low self-esteem and self-confidence issues. Mary Crowley, author of Women Who Win, has a simple message for them: "You are designed for fulfillment. God has a plan for your life." If women uphold the twin goals of honoring God and serving others, Mary is convinced they will experience success in their family and business lives. She also emphasizes the biblical principle that financial blessings are to be shared and not hoarded.

Meet the Guest


Mary Crowley

Mary Crowley was born in 1915 in Missouri. After overcoming tremendous obstacles as a young mother, Mary’s life mission became to honor God by blessing and serving others. Her story includes raising two small children as a single mom during the Great Depression, writing several books, and founding and operating a multimillion-dollar home interior and gifts company. She overcame cancer, received two honorary doctorates and served as the first woman on the board of directors for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association before her death in 1986.

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